ARsTronomie 2 :

Released: october 2013
Languages: French - English (adding other languages would be easy)

This film designed for 2 screens illustrates the representation of astronomical objects in painting (mostly classical ones). It was shown for the first time during the French science week in Gardanne and Aix-En-Provence.

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ARsTronomie 1 :

Released: october 2012
Languages: French

This film designed for 3 screens follows a growing "energy" themes from the energy of a single photon to the dark energy of the full universe. It illustrates connections or analogies between astronomy on the one side (with its objects and their colours, with observations and simulations) and arts on the other one (paintings, books, quotes...)
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There was no sound in the original version. In the version proposed here (November 2013), a soundtrack was added. Musics inspired by astronomy or science were selected to go along with our work:

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